Pulses for healthier lives & Better soils.

 We are re-defining Food Security; building resilience to climate change for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa; Growing pulses, by doing this we are bridging the gap between, food processors, the urban and peri-urban communities challenges to Sourcing premium pulses (Legumes); As we farm, we heal the land and we  are  feeding the world. Join us as we champion this movement of regenerative agriculture. 

Why Pulses?

Pulses are an important source of plant protein, high in fiber, low in fat and Pulses when strategically positioned, deliver superior productivity and sustainability; Their crucial role in fixing nitrogen into the soil, provides valuable forage benefiting specific insects, controlling erosion and adding organic matter. This conserves moisture hence supports the integrity of the soil. Beyond these benefits. They enable biological fixation of nitrogen, and fully protect your topsoil against erosion and act as weed control.

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